How it Began

What inspired The Make Walkinstown Great Project?

The idea to set up the group came in Autumn, 2021 after counting 15 face masks disposed on the path along a short 100m stretch, group founder Siobhán saw that the problem of litter in the area was getting worse and worse, and if the issue wasn’t tackled soon littering would become normalised as it is already to some extent throughout Ireland. As the saying goes, litter begets litter. And so, while watching Ryan Tubridy on RTE one Friday night, the Facebook group was created and a call for new members was posted on the Walkinstown Neigbourhood Watch. By the end of the night, there were already 100 members! The first cleanup was held on October 2nd, and we’ve been holding cleanups every 2 weeks ever since. You could almost say “it started on the Late, Late Show” laughing

Our Mission

What are our Goals?

The name of the group is quite deliberate. It’s not just a cleanup group, nor a Tidy Towns group. It is a politically-neutral, holistic and common sense approach to improving the overall quality of living in Walkinstown. Quite simply, make it a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful place to live.

Central to the group’s “ideaology” is that all parties in the community be involved – residents, schools, businesses, councils, clubs, and Garda – in order for it to succeed. The work should not be left to a handful of volunteers. So, for example, businesses should keep the area around their premises clean, schools should educate their pupils to have pride in their community and actively participate in its improvement, councils improve the green area and bolster programme of planting trees and flowers. Through liasion with Garda through the Policing Forum, hotspots and specific issues can be addressed. Everyone working together to Make Walkinstown Great. It really is that simple. Why not get involved. We’d love to have you!

Join Us

Upcoming Cleanups

Our cleanups are held every second Saturday from 11:00 – 12:30. We alternate between two meeting points – beside The Green Kitchen, Walkinstown Green and beside Saigon Nails (opposite The Kestral Pub), Bunting Road. Why not come along and meet some great locals? There’s no obligation at all to come every week. Come whenever you please. All equipment is provided. More information is provided on our Facebook Group page.













Your Suggestions

How Can We Make Walkinstown Great?

What would make Walkinstown better? What suggestions do you have about improving our public areas and overall standard of living? How could we make it cleaner and more beautiful? How could we make it safer? Please send us your ideas. Together we can make things better. Suggestions could relate to (but not only) :


Public facilities, green areas, playgrounds, flowers etc.


Policing, crime, anti-social behaviour, neighbourwatch


Groups, businesses, schools, organisations

In It Together

Little Things That You Can Do

You don’t have to come to the cleanups to help Make Walkinstown Great, there are so many other things, mostly small, but which make a big difference. Try to get your neighbours, family and friends involved. The more people involved, the better.

Just 3 things

Just 3 things. That’s all. If you can’t join us on a cleanup, this simple task would make a big difference and takes little effort. When going for a walk or to the shops, pick up 3 pieces of litter. Every little helps.

Keep your Path Outside Your House Clean

If everyone just did the area outside their house, how much cleaner would our area be! And it makes the lives of our volunteers a lot easier and would help us focus on the nicer things.

Get Your Business Involved

Get your company to keep the area outside their premises clean. It only takes a couple of minutes. Promote it on social media to get other business involved #makewalkinstowngreat

Report Grafitti & Illegal Dumping

If in DCC area, report on fixmystreet or for South Dublin CC area, email SDCC. If you see overflowing bins, scan in the QR code on the side of the bin and notifiy the council.

Report Suspicious Activity to Garda

The way to tackle crime, is always be vigilent and call Crumlin Garda on 01 666 6200. Never assume someone else has called. If there are ongoing issues, let us know and we will raise them at the Policing Forum.

Support Local Businesses

Wherever possible support local business, because as any self-employed person will tell you, it’s a struggle. If you know a business that needs promoting, get them listed on our business page.


What’s Happening in Walkinstown?


Have an event coming up? Let us know and help us make Walkinstown vibrant.


Self-employed, freelancing, or have a business premises. List your biz here #supportlocal


There’s a wealth of facilities, resources and support groups available in the area.

Any Questions?

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